Used Land Rover – Find Bargains on the Pre-Owned Market

Despite the socio-cultural kudos that surrounds the ownership of a Land Rover these days, it is actually quite surprising at how affordable these much sought after vehicles become on the used car market. I can appreciate how vehicle depreciation drastically effects the value of sports cars and supercars, as these are infinitely harder to sell on to another consumer, but surely Land Rover cars are cherished enough to maintain a higher percentage of their original value.Having spoken to various dealers in the know, the drop in value of a Used Land Rover is simply because of the buying preferences of the target demographic. Generally speaking, the typical 4X4 owner is very conscious of appearances and would rather spend double the money to be seen driving a brand new model as opposed to a new one.Personally I don’t see the logic in this behaviour. The amount of money you can save by buying from the pre-owned market surely compensates for the fact that your registration plate is slightly older than the newest model. The vehicles in question are certainly renowned for their reliability and build quality, so worrying about wear and tear shouldn’t be a problem either.Personally speaking, if you are interested in owning a luxurious 4X4 in the near future, I would strongly recommend buying a vehicle like a Used Land Rover, as the savings you can make far outweigh any societal impression you could make. It is very strange how some people value their status over something much more immediate like financial gain.